5000 Came to the folly of baunach

5000 came to the folly of Baunach

At the marketplace, reinhold schweda kept guests and attendees happy with funny sayings. Baunach was upside down on sunday afternoon – the local culture ring had invited to its 45th birthday party. Carnival procession invited.
It was still very cold, but bright blue skies and 46 often huge carnival floats and carnival groups drove away the minus degrees, and if it was still too cold for you, reinhold schweda (ortskulturring), who commented on the carnival on the market square, recommended that you just hop a little or hump your way to subem. Also high spirits to warm the body interior found grateful takers in view of the siberian cold.
Probably more than 5000 fools and carnival friends may have been, the baunacher straben saumten – of course not only from baunach. Guests also came from nearby bamberg, burgebrach or zeil to indulge in the carnival during the parade or in the marquee before and after the parade. "Bunahu" is the well-known slogan of the carnival club "narretei" in baunach possess their hard core. And this battle cry was belted out unpaid times by reinhold schweda from the stage – joyfully returned by the parade groups.

Carnival freaks

Not only the parade participants, but also the carnival freaks at the side of the parade, acted like fools: colorful costumes dominated the parade scene and many a person was obviously happy to be able to indulge in joy and folly without being recognized as a fool. In often weeks of preparation, the groups had prepared the carnival floats according to their motifs, pulled by powerful bulldogs, whose drivers were often far younger than the train vehicles.
The local culture ring naturally did not want to let these efforts go unrewarded and awarded the most beautiful and most beautiful floats. The winners of the carnival contest were the "knights of hahn" from trun city with the motto "trun city goes to hollywood. The "knasti's" were narrowly defeated from the dorgendorf volunteer fire department and the "meat and sausage friends of heubach with their heubach puppet show and jim knopf.

With committee car

The train was led by the OKR leadership with the committee car. The carnival club "narretei" gave the escort to it from baunach with garden and the prince and princess carmen I. And christoph I. Backgrounded, also critical, but always with a pinch of humor – the motif floats. The little montain ranch from godeldorf escaped into the godeldorf marchenwald.
The FC baunach soccer players had dressed up as marienkafer in self-criticism: because they have more points on their backs than the baunach team in the standings, schweda remarked a bit gloatingly.
The burgerhaus lechnerbrau kept the young union baunach and the volunteer fire department baunach busy, because who should pay for everything – apart from waste disposal? The traffic lights on the B 279 were a thorn in the side of the wanderclub baunach: "to regulate traffic, we need lots of traffic lights", they did not see that as the last word in wisdom.
The carnival club rcg rentweinsdorf took a look back to the wild 60s and 70s, while the village community of reckenneusig tirelessly searched for drinking water leaks in their village. Concordia" is a welcome guest in baunach maroldsweisach, who arrived with prince and princess and garden and paid their respects to woodstock. The catholic rural youth from birkach proved that the youth also has a foolish streak. They complained that the old people don't take kindly to today's youth and asked whether they had been any different in their youth.

Many bands present

Among others, the angler club baunach, the garden from heubach, the neighbor club priegendorf, the spabvogel from ebing and the dorfjugend from wasmuthhausen joined the train. In between there were always bands like samba areia and the samba bateria with samba music, the music club priegendorf or the city band baunach.
The zapfendorf boys decided to take part in the baunach carnival procession as lumberjacks and smurfs.

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