A masterpiece by louis sue

A masterpiece by louis sue

"It is fantastic. The many colors and shapes." dorothea jensch is enthusiastic. She stands at a display case with flask collector beatrice frankl. Mysterious and amethyst-colored, the opaque glass in the shape of an apple reflects the light in a mysterious way. Another glass bottle, the "flacon carre" captivates with its clear lines and the clasp in the shape of a rectangular cut crystal.
The flacon "worth stands out because of its blue glass. Then there is also the "joy" flacon. This golden bottle is a masterpiece of the designer louis sue. The two women admire the flasks.
Beatrice frankl says: "berlin was as important to the perfume world in the 1920s and 1930s as paris was. But much was lost in the war. Exhibits from the capital are scarce." dorothea jensch listens intently and asks many questions.

2000 pieces are on display

In the next few months, she will be able to examine a total of 2000 different flacons, powder compacts, fragrance lamps and fragrance cards. Not only you, but all visitors will get a glimpse of history with these precious exhibition pieces.
You can hear the passion for flacons in her voice when beatrice frankl talks about her collection. For years she has been collecting flacons and studying their historical and artistic backgrounds in packaging design, fashion and fragrance. In the meantime it has over 6000 different exhibits. In kleintettau, bottles from the middle of the 19th century. Exhibited from the beginning of the twentieth century until 1990.

Offers for the children

Also the children were thought of in this special exhibition. A children's showcase has been set up with a railroad and small scent bottles, and there is also a search game.
"This corner will also please my grandchildren", dorothea jensch is convinced. She has been living in kleintettau for eleven years and has already visited the glass museum several times with her offspring. Since then, she knows that children also feel comfortable there – and not only in the children's cave.

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