A (un)quiet bus ride

A completely normal morning. The journey to work ends up being made by bus. There are commuters on their way to work, old people who want to do their shopping in the city, tourists and excursionists, and also families.

Everyone who sits on the bus and just wants to get to their destination in peace and quiet. No one minds a pleasantly loud conversation where not everyone can hear the dramas that are affecting the speakers.

What is somewhat disturbing, however, is a continuous rant by a mother with her children. A ten-minute bus ride then quickly becomes a torture for mothers, children and everyone else on the bus.

The cause of this scolding cannot be traced back to one single thing. Because with three children, something often doesn’t sit right with someone.

Either they argue among themselves because one said or did something the other didn’t like. Or the behavior of one of the children angers the mother, so that she threatens with punishment, which the child, according to her own statement, often gets to hear.

The bus ride finally ends with a child crying and the mother saying, exasperated, that this is the same on every bus ride and that the children will never behave themselves.

Yes, I have to agree with her, because this was really not the first time that I and all the others were witnesses of these not quite successful educational attempts. Stefanie gleixner

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