After the party it was off to the cell

Drinking too much at a christmas party is a common occurrence. But what a 22-year-old industrial foreman from the northern part of the district did was out of the ordinary: after drinking four or five wheat beers and several schnapps in the course of the evening, the young man went completely berserk. He spat at the police officers who were alerted, tried to punch and kick them, and could only be moo’d and hauled off to the police cell to be smoked out. Now he got the receipt: he has to pay a fine of 3600 euros for assaulting a law enforcement officer.
The inglorious incident took place in the evening hours of the 15th of december. December last year from. At that time, the defendant accepted an invitation from his former employer to a christmas party. The social gathering was held at a guest restaurant. The reason why the man, who had no previous convictions, was willing to get drunk at the time was not discussed at the trial before the local court.
In any case, shortly after midnight, he was staggering and looking for a foothold on a lamppost when an alarmed police patrol showed up at the scene of the incident. First of all, as one of the officials on the witness stand reported at the time, they only wanted to establish the personal details of the drunken man. But he did not agree at all. He took a deep drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke directly into the uniformed man’s face.
In the meantime, the boy’s girlfriend and shortly afterwards even his parents were there and tried to talk some sense into him. After several attempts, the father gave up and said to the police officers: "we can’t deal with him, it’s best to take him with you to the punishment cell." when the rioter then tried to walk into a police station, the police intervened. They held him down and tried to put him in the police car.
They succeeded only with great effort, because the man did not call them "jerks" and "son of a whore but also spat at them and kicked them with his fists. He even bit one of the officers in his uniform. When he finally ended up in the police cell, he punched a policeman in the head through the bars and hit his glasses, which fell to the ground.
In court, defense attorney christian steinmetz explained that his client could no longer remember any details due to the exorbitant alcohol consumption at the time. He deeply regrets his failures. To the police officers present in the courtroom, he apologized in person and said: "I am sorry and promise that this will never happen again."
While prosecutor marian rubsamen pleaded for a suspended sentence of six months, the lawyer thought a fine would be sufficient. He pointed out that the industrial foreman was currently applying for various jobs and that his client’s future career path should not be blocked by an entry in the police record – which is obligatory from 91 days’ pay.
He was successful in his request, because district court judge ilona conver imposed 90 daily sentences of 40 euros each. However, the verdict is not yet legally binding, because the prosecution can appeal within a week.

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