Akk: no fertile ground in germany for “yellow vests

Akk: no fertile ground in germany for 'yellow vests

CDU chairwoman annegret kramp-karrenbauer sees no potential for the “yellow vest” movement in germany. Right-wing and left-wing populists had tried to bring the movement to germany, but they had failed, she explained in the french daily le monde.

According to kramp-karrenbauer, there are two reasons for this. One is germany’s good economic situation, she explained. Another is the different political traditions. Demonstrations were to take a more important place in the political culture of france.

With an eye to the upcoming european elections at the end of may, the 56-year-old party leader considers the camp election campaign between progressists and nationalists supported by french president emmanuel macron to be dangerous. She did not believe that one should run a negative election campaign aimed at one opponent or another. You have to say what kind of europe you want,” she continued. She is in favor of a europe that defends freedom and peace and wants to be economically strong.

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