Bad rodacher accuses: “where is the humanity??”

Bad rodacher accuses: 'where is the humanity??'

Gabriele lang does not give up. She is determined to continue to support the syrian family edlbi, who was deported to bulgaria at the beginning of december. And she is not alone in this.

"I was interested in the human side of the action."

In december, the integration officer of the city of bad rodach, rainer mobus, had written a letter to bavaria’s interior minister joachim herrmann. "It was clear to me that the deportation could not be challenged in a legal sense. I was concerned with the human side of the action." by now, people are used to seeing their neighbors from syria, afghanistan or other civil war countries being picked up at night and taken to a country where they don’t want to live and are treated badly.

Rainer mobus will not accept this. "What are these people supposed to think of germany?? What kind of signal is it when refugees who seek protection in our country and have done nothing wrong are simply deported again?? Where is the humanity in that??"

A disappointing answer from munich

Surely there are also cursed, who did not want to integrate or became delinquent. This is a different situation. But the edlbi family? He could not imagine a better integration.

He had written all this to joachim herrmann and asked: "does one of the richest federal states in one of the wealthiest nations of the earth really need to deal so badly with people who have not committed a crime?"

Now rainer mobus received an answer and is discharged. In the letter, the asylum law is explained to him. A cursed person must return to the country where he first applied for asylum. In the case of edlbi it is bulgaria.

There was certainly room for maneuver

The fact that anas edlbi filed the application under duress apparently plays no role here. But all this was also rainer mobus, he had wished, on a political level, to start a reflection on the so-called dublin II agreement, which dealt so brutally with people who were seeking protection and a life in peace.

The fact that the federal states also have legal leeway is shown by lower saxony, which refuses to deport refugees to bulgaria – a country that has enough problems of its own.

Gabriele lang keeps in touch with the edlbis. "Anas earns around 600 euros a month with odd jobs, but the apartment costs 300 euros." it is not easy to keep the family of four afloat. The children sara and fares went to an arabic school where arabic, bulgarian and english were spoken. "At home they speak german, that’s what the children have learned here."

The problem: fares suffers from epileptic seizures and does not get the necessary medicine in bulgaria. "Luckily, there was still a prescription in the pharmacy in bad rodach, which the family could no longer cash in. I sent them the medicine", tells gabriele lang. For another package, her family doctor had written a private prescription, which she had bought and forwarded with the help of donations. She also sent another package of household goods "they had to leave everything here".

Rainer mobus was also not satisfied with the current situation. "There is still the way of work integration." should an employer be found for anas edlbi in germany, then he could apply for re-entry – but probably only from syria. Mobus’ hopes are now pinned on what he sees as an overdue immigration law.

Urgent application rejected

The lawyer for the edlbi family also continues to be active, as gabriele lang says. Although an urgent application has been rejected, proceedings are still underway in ansbach. "I told him to let me know when there was no more money to continue the work. Then I find a solution."

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