Bang for the buck: kerashvili defeats world champion

"Well fought but still lost!" this conclusion drew AC lichtenfels on saturday evening not for the first time this season. Against RWG mombris-konigshofen, third in the table, there were compliments again, but despite an 8:7 lead at the break, no points and the expected defeat.
Thus, the never-ending ACL supporters had to take a rejoice, for example, in the prestigious success of her "new" one dato kerashvili (120 kg, freestyle) vs the world champion michail ganev: superlatives could have been used for this tingling mix of strength, speed and agility of two "almost-two-tendernesses, the after three balanced 1:0-through and a 2:1 round lead of the acler the tactical visor up and, as it were, to the "open field battle" at the end of which the lichtenfelser won with spectacular 7:5 points.
The single victories 2 and 3 were recorded by the ACL through ceyhun zaidov (55 kg, gr.-rom.) against the a-junior simon scheibein and david vala (96 kg, gr.-rom.) against felix radinger.
In spite of a good deal of resistance, the on the other hand adam bienkowski (60 kg, freestyle) 1:3 against krasimir krastatnov and rumen savchev (66 kg, gr.-rom.) was beaten 0:3 by ilhan myumyunov (kg, freestyle).
So driving it so before the break ran, so depressing from ACL view came the second funf duels therefore. That is exactly the difference, when a team is put together with the claim to win the german championship, and the other did not.
First peter conceded weisenberger (RWG, 84 kg, freestyle) many points without a fight, because acler zbigniew who was ill baranowski had to pass at short notice. Then tim muller (ACL, 66 kg, freestyle) saw this time no country at all against the bulgarian champion vladimir dubov, whom he had had unexpectedly defeated. Also artur omarov (84 kg, gr.-rom.) came against jim pettersson (RWG) did not compete (0:3), and tobias schutz (74 kg, gr.-rom.) was missing despite fighting the famous quantchen, to win more than one round against benjamin pole to get. Even more unlucky was the as always top engaged simon pilzweger (74 kg, freestyle), whose opponent sebastian christoffel (mombris) was so consistent to the the fight, that a cycling reporter probably of "ausreibver-suche spoken had. On the other hand, however, the RWG man was so clever, with a single action each on the end of round 1, 2 and 5 to decide for themselves.
ACL trainer martin wegner ("the fighting attitude was just right, just like the used to, but the last korner have been missing a few times") the 11:24 against his sympathetic trainer colleague gerhard weisenberger quite accept. Maybe it will work out with the victory when the last team in the table, leipzig/taucha, comes to the ACL in a week’s time comes. He was beaten 35:1 in the preliminary round… Cv

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