Barbie: copy and original from neustadt bei coburg

Barbie: copy and original from neustadt bei coburg

However, evil tongues claim that she belongs to the kind of ladies who like to make themselves young. Because actually she was born in 1953. Her real name is lilli and she is also a real frenchwoman. To be precise, she comes from neustadt bei coburg, from the toy factory hausser. There, lilli was created in the image of a comic figure from the tabloids. Ruth handler from the mattel company is said to have discovered them in a shop window during a trip to europe in 1958 and taken them with her.

Anyway, lilli emigrated to america, called herself barbie and started a world career.

And she managed to almost completely erase the traces of her former existence as lilli. Because lilli was the exact opposite of barbie. Lilli was a woman with both feet firmly planted in life. She went to work, earned her money as a secretary. And she knew that she could wrap the manner around her finger. There was only one thing lilli definitely wasn’t: the blonde dumb girl who only has clothes on her mind. As a role model for girls who want to find the meaning of life in "germanys next top model" realized, she had not been good for it. In this sense, dear lilli: all the best for your 60th birthday.!

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