Bmhkw scheblitz : the new burner is already here

Bmhkw scheblitz : the new burner is already here

The scheblitz biomass heating plant is scheduled to go into operation this year. The boiler for the 1460-kw plant was delivered just a few days late. The roof of the new heating plant building had to be opened once again for the installation of the eleven-ton component. The buildings of the scheblitz school center and the scheblitz fire station can be heated with wood chips from the local forests and biomass from the waste collection bins of the district of bamberg, and to a lesser extent from the natural gas supply.

The climate protection officer of the bamberg district, robert martin, justified the delay to the district council's building committee by referring to the procurement of a more efficient biomass boiler. Instead of the originally planned 600 kw, its rated thermal output is now 800 kw. In addition, there is the "gas boiler with an output of 660 kw, which, however, will only serve to cover peak loads. "But we can handle 85 percent of the heating load with the biomass boiler", explained specialist planner frank rothi g from the rodental planning office KSR, which is responsible for the construction of the plant. For the rest the gas boiler stands ready.

According to robert martin, new considerations in scheblitz to also warm the neighboring factory buildings of the company cebal with the new heating plant were not relevant for the delay. In terms of space and the dimensions of the biomass storage hall – the annual requirement of around 2900 cubic meters (rubble meters) of biomass can be stored here – this would have been possible, said martin. However, one wanted to limit oneself to the public area. However, if the company's management were to continue in this direction, he could only bury it as the district's environmental officer. In this case, a second, similarly sized heating plant had to be added for the factory buildings.

470-meter-long district heating network
Connected to the new biomass heating plant will be the realschule scheblitz and the giechburg-forderschule (builder is the county respectively the forderverein) as well as the middle school scheblitz, the triple gymnasium and the fire station of the town scheblitz. According to KSR, this will require a 470-meter-long district heating network (940-meter-long pipeline). The woodchip boiler produces 2133 megawatt hours of heat per year, the gas boiler an estimated 334 mwh.

Robert martin also provided information on the expected costs of the plant. The investment amounts to around 1.411 million euros. Due to the district's participation in the project, the annual expenditure for wood chips was a gratifyingly low 54,500 euros, considering the high proportion of heating energy. By way of comparison, the 15 percent share of gas heating is expected to cost 8400 euros per year (a gas requirement of around 32,000 cubic meters is calculated). Furthermore, a carbon dioxide saving of 435 tons per year is forecast, which will not pollute the atmosphere.

The question from deputy district administrator georg bogensperger (CSU) after the start of operation of the new heating plant, the engineers started with the "51. Calendar week." answers. So until the christmas vacations, the old heating systems will still have to do it – then the energy turnaround can arrive.
To ensure that no environmentally harmful substances can escape from the new heating plant, a state-of-the-art filter system is also being installed. A buffer tank ensures that excess heat generated can not be lost.

35 centimeter thick pipes
The laying of the 35-centimeter-thick pipes, including insulation, will begin after the boilers have been installed. The heat lines themselves have a diameter of 125 millimeters. The six-meter-high wood chip storage facility is a surprise. The question of how the heating material is to be brought to the high ground without a crane was left unanswered in the end. With a wheel loader it should work, he said.

The construction committee of the district council also wanted to find out about the planned expansion of the BA 30 district road in kubelstein. The city of scheblitz is currently laying sewer lines here, explained matthias strunz of the planning group of the same name. This means that the highest village in the city will be connected to the city's clear water system, said mayor franz zenk (CSU). In the coming year, the road will be rebuilt for 350,000 euros, including a 46,000-euro sidewalk paid for by the city of scheblitz.

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