Bomb in the weiben haus turns out to be a false report

bomb in the weiben haus turns out to be a false report

Unknown had hacked the twitter account of the news agency associated press AP on tuesday and spread the tweet to the more than 1.9 million followers. According to the report, a bomb exploded in the white house, injuring U.S. President barack obama. AP reacted immediately and explained via twitter that the report was false.
The weibe haus also reacted within a few minutes and clarified that the report was false. The president is fine, said presidential spokesman jay carney.
The false report caused confusion on the stock market, however, and briefly pushed the leading U.S. Index, the dow jones industrial, into the red. Within a few minutes, it dropped sharply, but then recovered again quickly. "Complete nonsense, but the markets are sensitive and react to such things in no time", one of the handlers said about the development.
It was the first time the AP twitter account had been hacked, said AP spokeswoman erin white. "We immediately sent a message to our customers and our subscribers, but we have not yet regained access to our twitter account", white said a few minutes after the false report surfaced. The twitter account was deactivated for the time being. AP is the world’s largest news agency and a partner of the german press agency dpa.

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