Car loading during the theater visit

car loading during the theater visit

Owners of electric cars who want to attend a performance at the theater in mabbach will have an easier time in the future: a charging station was officially put into operation at the lauertal parking lot. While you watch the theater stucco, your car is supplied with new energy. But it is also possible without going to the theater, because the charging station is of course there for everyone.

The charging station cost about 10,000 euros, of which the municipality had to pay 4000 euros. The rough rest of 6000 euro was financed through the federal program for the demand of e-charging columns. "Let’s see how this charging station is received", said mayor matthias klement. It depends on whether further charging points will be installed in the other parts of the municipality.

The new charging station will be operated by bayernwerk. Gunter jira from the company’s municipal management came to the official opening with an electrically powered tesla. "We are convinced that the electric motor will play a significant role in local transport planning in the future", he explained. For the breakthrough of electromobility, however, a nationwide charging infrastructure is necessary.

The new charging station in mabbach has two charging points that enable barrier-free charging. It takes around 90 minutes to fully charge an electric car with a range of around 140 kilometers using 22 kilowatts of charging power. A charging cable with a type II plug is needed to connect the car to the charging station.

Of course, the motorist has to pay for the electricity as well. The charging station accepts any charging card from an electromobility provider that belongs to the so-called "hubject"-loading network. It is also possible to scan the QR code at the charging station with a smartphone and then pay by EC or credit card. In order for electric vehicles to be able to be charged at the saule, the spaces must of course be kept free for them, but market councillor jurgen muller already complained in the most recent meeting: "there are always cars standing there that are not charging."

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