City waits for information on the claim

city waits for information on the claim

Actually, the city council of prichsenstadt should also decide in the meeting on thursday evening, how the streets should be reconstructed after the new canal construction. But nothing came of it, the council first wants to know how much demand funds are to be expected.

With an open construction method, i.E. The total tearing up of the trenches, mayor adolf falkenstein fears that the "very considerable demands will be made on them". Also, the rough part of the paving was laid on sand without sufficient substructure, and many paving stones were very defective. "Just repairing is technically very difficult and hardly economically justifiable," says falkenstein. A total expansion, although expensive for the residents, would be "almost cost-neutral" for the city budget, because of the expansion contributions and expected demand funds.

This triggered an intensive discussion in the committee. The opponents of the new canal construction expect "further costs" for the citizens, and hans-dieter kern brought up the topic of "adjacent roads. In his opinion, the schlossgasse is no longer a purely residential street, "the guests of the freihof drive there, and for that reason alone it has already become a through street," says. This is also where the through traffic to the church and to the public toilets of the city is located. Falkenstein referred to an assessment by the district administration, "there are objective criteria for determining whether a road is a residential road, a development road or a thoroughfare, and according to these criteria, schlossgasse is a purely residential road.

Council member helmut hummer doubted whether the financing for a new trench surface had already been secured and wanted to know how much funding could be expected. "Everyone who provides claim funds wants to see a concrete plan first of all, no one pays on pure visions," falkenstein replied, "so we can’t say anything about expected claim funds yet, because we don’t have a development plan yet, but only two-year-old cost calculations for the sewer rehabilitation."Second burgermeister alfons saugel brought up the ebenauer fund, which had been set up to preserve the historic townscape. Falkenstein suspects that this fund will then be emptied very quickly, "until only the basic stock remains". City council member helmut happel made the motion to decide on the type of construction or restoration only after the city has received a decision on whether and how much will be paid in claims. The city council agreed with this by a vote of 10:3.

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