Contemporary grave forms planned

Contemporary grave forms planned

The redesign of the cemetery was the main topic at the castle meeting in horhausen on wednesday. Mayor matthias schneider invited heinz muller, the former district advisor for horticulture and land conservation, who presented proposals tailored to the thereser part of the community.

"The task is to find a sensible design for new forms of burial", muller told the more than 30 meeting participants and pointed out that the existing, clear structure of the horhausen cemetery is an advantage. At the moment, 30 single and double graves are occupied, and the medium-term need is covered with 30 free grave sites, he says. Many members find it increasingly difficult to maintain the rough graves.

Smaller landscaping areas not only help the community with lawn care, but also the survivors. In a second construction phase, the design areas are to be reduced to 100 by 80 centimeters. The lawn path is also to be made wider.

Graves for urns

First, however, urn graves are to be created. This form of burial is in great demand, muller explained, and showed various possibilities. Twelve urn grave sites are planned. A maximum of two urns could be placed in each grave.

The expert also suggested a communal urn burial site, the execution of which, however, is by no means a done deal yet. In many communities, such plants are very popular, says muller. They are also ideal for seniors who want to have everything settled before their deaths.

Visit planned

To give the cemetery a special touch, there is also the possibility of planting two trees to the left and right of the cross.

The municipality will start the relocation of the urn graves in the coming year. At the suggestion of muller, a small tour of the nearby cemetery will probably take place in the spring to present projects that have already been implemented there in a similar way.

As mayor schneider pointed out, the 2018 theres budget has a total volume of about 8.3 million euros. The purchase of the new fire truck for horhausen, which will also house the newly acquired pump, will cost about 100000 euros. It is expected that the car will be delivered in mid december.

Schneider also explained the future projects for horhausen. The multipurpose building (MZG) has to be renovated, mainly with plastering and masonry work. They should be realized in 2020. It is also necessary to consider how noise abatement measures can be carried out at the MZG. The playground is also to be improved. The mayor will talk to the parents to get suggestions for playgrounds.

Burgers pay united

According to current estimates, the connection of horhausen to the long-distance wastewater pipeline will cost the association around 1.6 million euros. These will then probably be apportioned to the member communities of theres, wonfurt and gadheim. By the year 2025, the reservoir canals in untertheres will be renewed, for which a good one million euros have been budgeted.

Schneider explained the status of the reclassification of the municipal road to dampfach, which includes the horhausen through road. As is known, the road is to be upgraded to a county road according to the will of the residents and the municipality. With this request one could go if necessary up to the highest administrative court. Schneider gave little hope to a resident’s wish that the road would be rehabilitated by horhausen’s 1000th anniversary in 2023.

Furthermore, the mayor announced that the construction of the new main bridge is scheduled for the years 2020 to 2023. With regard to noise abatement measures against the noise of the freeway, schneider explained that the freeway directorate would only carry out noise abatement measures on existing freeways if the limit values were exceeded. This is not the case, according to the authority. Here, the municipality is considering whether it would be worthwhile to take legal action against the freeway authorities.

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