Court confirms controversial flight route at new capital airport

court confirms controversial flight route at new capital airport

However, the presiding judge, roger fieting, explained that under german and eu environmental law, the environmental impact assessment, which took place during the planning approval process, was sufficient. The residents from the southeast of the capital were unsuccessful – unlike those from the southwest, where the court overturned the wannsee route in january.

Now the federal administrative court in leipzig will presumably decide. Plaintiff’s attorney franziska heb reacted with disappointment to the ruling and said: "we firmly believe that we will leave the matter in leipzig clear."In the legal dispute over the wannsee route, the federal air traffic control agency (BAF) filed an appeal. In september, another important flight route is up for disposition at the OVG.

BAF had set the routes for the new, still not opened airport in 2012. They are largely different from the non-binding plans contained in the planning approval decision issued by the state of brandenburg in 2004, which led to ongoing protests by residents.

The residents of muggelsee had also called the EU commission into action. At the end of may, it initiated infringement proceedings against germany because the federal government did not take sufficient account of environmental concerns when determining flight paths.

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