Court: nsu trial does not begin until early april

court: nsu trial does not begin until early april

However, this will still take some time, the OLG announced on friday. Start of the process will probably not be before the end of the easter vacations in early april.

At the same time, the OLG officially confirmed that zschape will have to stand trial for complicity in the ten murders committed by the neo-nazi group NSU – this had already become known on thursday.

The indictment of the federal prosecution was admitted to the main trial unchanged, according to the higher regional court. The court also approved the charges against four alleged helpers and supporters of the "national socialist underground" (NSU) – and ordered that zschape and ex-NPD functionary ralf wohlleben remain in custody. The two have been in pre-trial detention since november 2011.

Zschape is the only survivor of the terror trio: her suspected accomplices uwe mundlos and uwe bohnhardt killed themselves. According to the indictment, the 38-year-old was not only a co-founder and equal member of the NSU.

The federal prosecutor’s office also accuses her of complicity in all of the NSU’s crimes: the nine murders of businessmen of turkish and greek origin, the murder of a policewoman in heilbronn in 2007, and two bombings in cologne, in which more than 20 people were injured, in some cases endangering their lives. She also had a hand in 15 bank robberies that were attributed to the group. In addition, the charge is attempted murder – because of the arson in the last apartment of the trio in zwickau.

Ralf wohlleben and carsten S. Were charged with aiding and abetting murder. They are said to have procured the pistol of the type "ceska 83", which was used in the series of murders. In addition, other E. And holger G. Charged as a suspected supporter of the group.

Zschape, mundlos and bohnhardt went into hiding in 1998 after the police discovered a neo-nazi bomb workshop. For almost 14 years, the group was able to stay underground and commit murders.

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