Czech minister: “i’ll break your face!”

czech minister:

Czech dailies on saturday quoted in detail from a telephone conversation with the minister recorded by parliamentary deputy petr skokan: "i"ll kick your ass!"Kalousek is said to have threatened the deputy, calling him an "idiot", a "pisser" and a "fool", among other things.

Kalousek suspected skokan of having leaked a video to the media the year before. This one shows kalousek slapping a teenager for insulting him in connection with allegations of corruption.

Already on thursday kalousek was sharply criticized by police chief petr lessy. He allegedly tried to stop police investigations of suspected corruption against party colleague and ex-defense minister vlasta parkanova by making interfering phone calls.

The social democratic opposition has been demanding kalousek's resignation for days. For next week, she has announced a motion of censure against the entire center-right government, should kalousek not resign.

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