Defense commissioner: von der leyen to present cost plan

defense commissioner: von der leyen to present cost plan

"The ministry should draw up a list of how much money it needs for what and when," SPD politician hans-peter bartels told the "neue osnabrucker zeitung" (saturday). "We need clear information about the packages to be tied up in the medium term."

Due to increasing tensions with russia, von der leyen wants to refocus the german armed forces more on national defense in the future. The focus on foreign missions that has prevailed for years should be ended, according to the draft of the basic concept paper on the german armed forces, which became public on friday. In the future, we want to devote ourselves again "equally" to the defense of the country and the alliance.

SPD defense expert johannes kahrs told the "bild" newspaper (saturday): "in essence, this is correct: the bundeswehr needs full equipment. After 13 years of the unions going in the wrong direction, ms. Von der leyen is now making a 180-degree turnaround."Additional funds are needed for this, said kahrs – "but the minister must also make it clear what she wants and how this is to be done".

"During the long period of contraction, the german armed forces lived on substance, and that has now been eaten up," bartels told the "augsburger allgemeine" (saturday). In the "passauer neue presse" (saturday) he said: "the german armed forces will have to be made fully operational again. This will be difficult to achieve in the coming years with the funds planned so far for the defense budget."

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