Dispute over care allowance – fdp prepares proposal

dispute over care allowance - fdp prepares proposal

The proposal is to form the basis of a tripartite discussion between party leaders angela merkel (CDU), horst seehofer (CSU) and philipp rosler (FDP). However, a date has not yet been set.

There will be no "horse-trading" in this, the FDP headquarters were assured. "An exchange of concessions has not been considered."According to the newspaper "die welt" (wednesday), CDU/CSU faction leader volker kauder, on the other hand, made fun of the FDP’s demands for a care allowance at a faction meeting on tuesday. To illustrate the scale of the liberal amendments, he said: "what the FDP is asking for is worth two porsche cayennes. But the childcare allowance is not even worth a porsche cayenne."

The minister of state in the foreign office, cornelia pieper (FDP), affirmed in the "berliner zeitung" that she would reject the childcare allowance "in its current form" in the bundestag. Pieper spoke of a "backward-looking debate" that came from west germany and had no meaning in the east. And one should not throw money out of the window with one’s hands full.

In view of the ongoing dispute within the coalition, the parliamentary manager of the SPD faction, thomas oppermann, expects horse-trading between the union and the FDP. "The german bundestag will be more like a cattle market than a parliament," oppermann said. "Black-yellow is no longer concerned with the issue, but with survival."If the vote on the benefit for parents who do not send their children to daycare centers was released in parliament, there would be a three-quarters majority against it. He has never seen such a grotesque debate before.

The green party leader volker beck said on ARD: "you don’t need the liberal savings book now, but the FDP should straighten up a bit and say: we can’t afford that."

CSU leader horst seehofer had made a strong case for the care allowance during a state parliament debate in munich late on tuesday evening. In an unusually emotional speech, seehofer defended himself against criticism that the CSU was merely trying to push through the financial benefit for ideological reasons. It’s about giving mothers and fathers the freedom to choose whether or not they want to raise their young children at home, he stressed. It was about "a piece of free decision of a burgher". "Don’t we trust the children with this anymore??" asked the bavarian minister-president. Politicians were not allowed to act as guardians for the people.

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