Farewell game of ex-coach hrvoje horvat on friday

farewell game of ex-coach hrvoje horvat on friday

When the doors to the sports hall at the anger open this friday evening at 6 p.M., the fans of the HSC 2000 coburg will be looking forward to a meeting of the generations and will be able to enjoy the atmosphere in their "promotion hall" reminisce.

At 19.30 o’clock is the kick-off for a handball event, when the team of olympic champion hrvoje "cveba" horvat coached "old stars, which is mainly made up of players from the 2007 championship team (tageblatt from 17. July) to the "new stars" meet co national coach jan gorr.

The current squad wants to emulate the team of horvat in the season 2013/2014. For horvat it is the last appearance on a coburg bench, for gorr it is the conclusion of the first phase of preparation.
"Cveba" has promised in advance of the game that it will be "not a kase game, but a good handball game" is. And those who know the ever-ambitious coach, know exactly that he will drive the players at his disposal to high performance: "something else brings nothing to the current HSC team, thinks horvat quite in the sense of his successor jan gorr.

And he is also looking forward to the game in the angerhalle. Jan gorr talks to the tageblatt about the current state of preparations:

mr. Gorr, how seriously do you take tonight’s game against the "old stars"??
Jan gorr: every preparation game is equally important for me. Tonight’s game will be the conclusion of the first phase of preparation. This will be quite borderline, as the team has been highly stressed in the last few days. Nevertheless, i expect everyone to be focused once again and give full throttle. I’m expecting an exciting, interesting match and a good finish.

And how did the first preparation phase go so far??
We have not only focused on fitness, but we have also worked on the tactical system. I’m already satisfied with the ambition and commitment, even if not all the wheels are in mesh yet. There is still a lot to do, there are still many details missing.

Are there injured players? In recent years, at the beginning of the game often players dropped out involuntarily?
Except for tomas riha, who is suffering from an old elbow problem, everything is in the green here too, apart from the usual aches and pains.

And how have the new players integrated so far??
There I must express all a rough praise. The newcomers have integrated very well, or to put it the other way round – the team has given them a great reception, it’s a harmonious teamwork.

How do you see the integration into the sud league??
There is nothing I can do about it, it comes as it comes. But what I clearly criticize is the timing of the decision. Something must change quickly, because this decision was made much too late. We are in the middle of the first preparation, which was aimed at the eastern league, and then suddenly we are in another league. That disrupts the process and is not very professional. We need planning certainty earlier.

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