Farewell to “tante karin

Farewell to 'tante karin

It was highly emotional, tearful and full of melancholy, the farewell of karin haderlein. After 41 years of service in the kindergarten in mitwitz she went into well-deserved retirement. One last time, the hearts of “her” flew in her direction children, one last time she drove her daily route from pressig to mitwitz.

She’s not afraid of boredom in the future, because: “I have a big garden, and now I can really enjoy my champagne breakfast and morning coffee there. I have also signed up for a gym and am looking forward to lots of activities.” but before she could start her mammoth program, they prepared a hearty farewell party for her in the kindergarten. And that clearly showed the respect that “aunt karin” has for her daughter had earned in all those years.

Pastor burkhard sachs: “the children no longer accompany her, but they will not forget her. They have imprinted them, educated them, and gifted them with love. Her colleagues will not forget her either. You were always appreciated.” the lively pressigerin still likes to think back to the early days, when her grandmother feared that she, as a catholic, could possibly convert to the “lutheran faith” because she wanted to work in a protestant kindergarten. “I just liked the relaxed way. With the catholics, everything is always a bit stiffer”, she says, grinning mischievously. And she is certainly not stiff, as tanja schubert, the director of the mitwitz kindergarten, could testify. Her farewell speech was tear-jerking as she said, “we spend more time together here than we do with our own family. You were like a second mother to me. When you started here in 1978, many were not even born here yet. I will never forget you.” karin haderlein said: “i am not female at all”. The time passed so quickly, as if I had just turned a page in a book. Like the blink of an eye.”

The chairwoman of the parents’ council, caroline voller, also had tears in her eyes. She is a "child of generations, because she had already been with "aunt karin" (86) went to kindergarten. Her three boys did the same and a kindergarten without "aunt karin", that was still completely unimaginable for the time being.

She has worked under eight directors during her career as a childcare worker, and three pastors have been her bosses. "In the beginning there were only five of us, now we have 18 employees and look after 92 children in six groups." she first has to think about these statistics for a moment, then she shakes her head in disbelief. "How time flies… Incredible." in the future, karin haderlein will also join the "pensioners’ club of the former" which elicited a special smile from her.

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