Fast bike path in planning

Fast bike path in planning

The fact that the topic of bicycle traffic is gaining in importance was shown by the participation of the participants in the kick-off meeting of the working group "fast bicycle connection bamberg-forchheim-erlangen", to which the bamberger landrat johann kalb (CSU) had invited in the coarse meeting room of the landratsamt bamberg.

In addition to the co-initiator of the project, district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) from forchheim, as well as all mayors of the municipalities concerned, representatives of the government of upper franconia, building authorities, waterway and shipping administration, associations and other involved parties were present.

Connection to other ways

In continuation of the basic agreement on the project in september 2019, the kick-off meeting of the working group was to begin with the understanding of the basics, route guidance, quality standards and the further procedure for one of the most important bicycle connections in the counties of bamberg and forchheim.

The new offer is intended to challenge everyday cycling on the axis with its high population and commuter numbers between the strong business locations in the regnitz valley. With an infrastructure that is direct, accessible, safe and comfortable, an attractive alternative to motorized individual transport is to be offered and thus an important contribution to the "bavarian cycling program 2025" which aims to increase the share of cycling in bavaria to 20 percent by 2025.

According to the press release, an attractive cycling infrastructure should also have a positive radiating effect. The project should therefore also consider the optimal connection of the surrounding areas to the fast north-south connection, as markus hammrich reports, who is in charge of the working group for the district of bamberg. Good news for the project was also brought by the representatives of the district government of upper franconia and the waterway and shipping administration. These provided for their area of responsibility in each case demand means and the cooperation in the working group in prospect. The waterways and shipping administration has recently increased the requirement for the maintenance of service roads in their ownership from 50 to 90 percent.

The routes

In principle, there was agreement in the first working group that the route should be run on the regnitz cycle path canal route as far as possible while maintaining the existing route. Where project objectives and quality requirements make it necessary, however, alternative routes will also be tested.

As far as quality standards are concerned, a so-called "main route" is to be developed be strived for. These standards were developed as part of the feasibility study for high-speed cycle links in the nurnberg area in the so-called "bavarian way" defined. Along the entire route, these requirements for path width, safe driving, surface, markings, signposts, maintenance and operation are to be striven for and, as far as possible, implemented step by step.

The working group will tackle some of the more serious challenges, such as the development of solutions at the complex sites of the strullendorf lock, the neuses bridge and the forchheim marina, in the near future.

In the fall, the working group wants to have reached an understanding that will allow detailed planning and initial implementation to begin.

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