Flat vacuum cleaner for fire department

Flat vacuum cleaner for fire department

At the plenary meeting of the bamberg district firefighters’ association (KFV) in the karl wagner hall in strullendorf, florian ramsl of the bavarian chamber of insurance handed over 16 swimming vacuums to fire departments in the district. District fire chief bernhard ziegmann expressed his sincere thanks for these highly useful donations. Three flat vacuum cleaners had already been handed over to the KFV last year.

Five centimeters of water is enough

Such a device costs around 500 euros, and the fire departments of oberleiterbach (market town of zapfendorf), weichenwasserlos-robdach (town of scheblitz) and busendorf (market town of rattelsdorf) were among the recipients. While water heights of at least 30 centimeters were previously required to suck out water, only five centimeters are sufficient for the seven-kilogram shallow suction cleaner. This is a clear advantage for the fire departments, especially in times of long dry periods and thus low water levels in streams, rivers and lakes. But that’s not all: since the water is extracted from the surface, the bottom of the water is also protected. The floating vacuum cleaner consists of a 60-centimeter-long polyethylene body and is attached to the suction hose instead of a conventional metal suction basket. This in turn is connected to the pump of the fire engine or the portable fire pump.

Help in case of floods

Also in case of floods, the flat vacuum cleaner is a great help for the fire departments. For the voluntary fire department oberleiterbach took 2. Commander markus drossel as well as the designated commander and current group leader niko dumsky received the donation and thanked for the supplementation of their equipment.

The bavarian chamber of insurance is a main sponsor of the bavarian fire departments and, in cooperation with the bavarian fire department association, has launched the flat vacuum cleaner project. In the past years many other useful acquisitions were already demanded, for example the warm-image camera, which belongs today to the standards in the fire departments, as well as smoke chutes, foam trainers and much more besides. Plans are in place to hand over more vacuum pool cleaners to the fire departments. The bavarian chamber of insurance is investing a total of more than 400,000 euros in shallow suction cleaners.

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