Frodeno starts his [email protected] with 10.000-euro donation

Frodeno starts his tri@home with 10.000-euro donation

Frodeno plans to swim 3.86 kilometers in his counter-current pool, ride 180.2 kilometers on a roller bike and run 42.2 kilometers on a treadmill this saturday – a complete ironman distance. He lives with his wife emma (nee snowsill, 2008 olympic triathlon champion) and their two children in girona and is therefore directly affected by the exit ban in spain.

"Right now, nurses, doctors, firefighters and police officers are our iron men, and they’re putting in a real show of endurance," frodeno said in the interview.

He also found clear words for fubballers who are not yet willing to give up pay in these times. "Of course, as an athlete you only have a very limited lifespan for your career. But 25 percent of a contract to short – that’s less than my projected shortfall this year," frodeno said.

"The question is first of all who has a role model function at all. But now it’s a chance for these guys, who are also heroes for many, to show that the situation affects us all together, and there are good examples of that."

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