Graduation ceremony was a high point for high school students

Graduation ceremony was a high point for high school students

A new phase in life began for 90 students of the state secondary school. The lively graduation ceremony also included words of thanks to the school administration, the teaching staff and the parents’ advisory council.

Principal monika geiger compared the school years to a garden, with everyone receiving a bountiful harvest in the form of a graduation certificate after successfully tending it. After the RSB big band successfully set the mood for the dismissal ceremony, deputy principal harald gerner buried the students with their parents, relatives and all the guests of honor in the obermainhalle. Although all of them were able to reach the high point of their schooling, graduation from middle school, there will continue to be new challenges for the dismissed students. Health and god’s blessing.

"Is there anyone", with this contribution, the musical RSB talents came into focus. District administrator christian meibners spoke of an important stage that all the girls and young people had been able to overcome. And they should simply rejoice with their parents and relatives and always think back fondly to their time at school.

Meibner’s wish was, even though many might spread their "wings wide" – what was meant was that they return to the district of lichtenfels after a certain time, because there are interesting career prospects here.

A fighter for democracy

At the same time, meibner appealed to the young people to also commit themselves to the democratic state, to take responsibility and to give back to society something of what they had learned in the past at school and in the state. District administrator christian meibner at this point: "our country and democracy simply need comrades-in-arms."

Second mayor ulrike koch spoke of the beginning of a new era, because the girls and young people were now increasingly having to take responsibility for their own lives. She wished them perseverance, strength and energy. Everyone should always have one goal in mind. On behalf of the parents’ council, holger muller thanked all those who had accompanied the schoolchildren on their way over the past six years.

In a sensitive musical contribution, the fest guests remembered the recently deceased realschule teacher bertram kopp.

According to school spokesman paul gohl, the day of school dismissal came sooner than expected, and he therefore felt it was particularly important to thank all the teachers and parents for their strength, perseverance, patience, energy, and sometimes also a certain stubbornness, as well as for the trusting and encouraging time spent at school.

"Knowledge is like a garden, without constant care there is no harvest", this proverb from an african country was used by principal monika geigeruber in her address, comparing the school to a garden.

During the presentation of certificates to the four graduating classes, julian thamm, class 10 a (grade point average 1.27), leonie tempel, class 10 b (grade point average 1.33), anna-lena lohrer and leonie wittmann, both class 10 c (grade point averages 1.33) were additionally honored as the school’s best students.

The best french graduates nicole arnhold and leonie wittmann received a voucher for a stay in france from the chairman of the german-french society on the obermain, reinhard huber, and french teacher hubert badura. The most successful athletes of the year, the activities of all tutors, sports mentors, arbiters of disputes and media scouts were also recognized.

The graduation ceremony was the occasion to say goodbye to peter schmickal after 37 years as a teacher at the burgkunstadt state secondary school.

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