Grisly find at family grave

Grisly find at family grave

Anne K had the feeling that something was wrong. (name changed) already in june 2018, one day after the burial of her mother. "The boxwood and plants were placed next to the grave, all the good soil was gone, but there was a lot of soil from the bottom of the grave."

Already then she found the first small bone at the grave, in which since 2006 K.S father lies. "I was wondering whether to complain. But so soon after the bereavement I put that aside for myself", says K. After the grave had settled for a while, the 47-year-old wanted to rebuild the grave last week. "My son and I drove fresh soil here and wanted to remove the top layer of bad soil", reports K.

But suddenly her son said "there is something" called. It was a rough bone that the two of them dug in again, shuddering. "After that we didn’t want to dig any more and we just leveled the grave so that it wouldn’t fall on our heads." but then the next gruesome discovery followed: the upper arm bone, as she suspected from the deceased father. "From then on we just covered everything with soil and put only the small plants in the front." since then anne K. She doesn’t like to go to the cemetery anymore, she hasn’t been able to sleep well for days because of this.

"First of all, we must formally apologize", says robert neuberth, head of the city’s garden and cemetery office. "That something like this happens is the absolute exception." because it is actually documented for the city cemetery exactly where, when and at what level someone was buried. In maybe one out of 100 cases single bones were found. That the bones were as coarse as those of K. I have never seen neuberth in 30 years.

He thinks it is likely that the gravestone was set and then compacted too deep. But "ten percent probability" could also be an accident of the city workers. It happens that the bones of the deceased are covered by a mantle of earth in the moist soil, which is then not recognizable as such. When it later dries out, the earth falls down and releases the bones. "That’s fatal, of course", says neuberth. His office is now offering the deceased’s daughter the opportunity to return his mortal remains to the depth to which they actually belong and then to prepare the grave again.

No common site date

"The fact that the bones were moved upwards when the gravestone was set cannot be possible in principle", says the manager of a sculptor’s company in response to our inquiry. "The foundation for the gravestone is only ten to 20 centimeters deep. And according to mrs. K. Yes already found something before the work on the gravestone." he thinks it is possible that the bones are much older and not the family K. The cemetery has been around for a long time".

Even the experienced mortician dieter neuner, whose institute is not involved in the case at hand, would not rule that out. "The city of bamberg is responsible for the cemetery. If the grave has been worked on, it must be checked. A bone has no place on the surface." in the 40 years he has been working as a mortician, he has never come across a similar case. Bone finds must always be expected, however. "The cemetery is not an operating room, the workers make the grave by machine and have to look at the neighboring graves as well.What’s actually deep down, the excavator can bring to the top. At the end of the day, every mistake is human – but something like this must not happen naturally."

That the bones found were remains from the 18th century. If you are in the 21st century or earlier, you can contact anne K. Do not introduce. They were too rough and well preserved for that, and she and her son had even found parts of coffin handles. "The apology was the least for me", says K. "And at least there is now a solution." but the 47-year-old rejected the suggestion of a joint location meeting with the cemetery office. "I told them where to find the bones. They do that and when it is straightened, I look at the grave again." but even then, a sinking feeling will probably remain. Whenever they care for their parents’ grave.

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