Half marathon for the sg neunkirchen is coming up

half marathon for the sg neunkirchen is coming up

Meeting point at 7 pm at the parking lot sklavensee! The name alone is enough to set off alarm bells in some half-marathon runners-to-be: what does "harry" have? Because he has already cooked up something new to make sweat? In an email for the eighth unit, trainer harald huttmann explains that this time the topic will be "mountain running" should be about. That's why it doesn't make sense to meet at the SG neunkirchen's sports center, as is usually the case, but to meet at a suitable location right away. Angelika schedler is not bothered by such announcements. The 50-year-old has known huttmann for some time now and knows that he does not spare his proteges, but also always keeps an eye on their performance limits.

Two weeks earlier, she took part in a lukewarm weekend at spitzingsee with huttmann and about 20 other members of the neunkirchen sports group. Mountain running was also the theme there. However, the trainer had put together a program for all levels of ability. "On the first day we went up by cable car, while the fitter participants walked up. At the top, we walked together for a while, then the faster group walked a loop before we met up again", tells geli enthusiastically. Meanwhile, a third group went hiking with huttmann's wife annette. Angelika schedler covered around 35 kilometers in the mountains this weekend – and she did it without any poles at all, which can be very helpful, especially when walking steadily up and downhill.

To use the sticks correctly
This is exactly what huttmann tried to teach the group during the training session at lake sklavensee. "If you use them correctly, the canes bring at least a relief of 20 percent", says the trainer and explains how it works. The poles can be used downhill to support the body weight and to jump over obstacles. Uphill it is useful to reduce the length of the pole to be able to pull yourself up better. Always important in the landing: take small steps and don't get jerky.

Geli also tried her luck with the poles and recognized the advantages: "once i slipped extremely, but i was able to stabilize myself again with a violent thump into the ground. That already gives security." so she could enjoy the "beautiful nature even more enjoyment in the forest near kalchreuth. However, she found the intermediate carrying of the poles on straight stretches "atzend" (atzend), why a purchase is not planned for the time being. The 1.56 cm lightweight can finally move very safely on the mountain even without these aids.

"I have learned a lot
Angelika Schedler only started running four years ago. The action "run 10 of the bavarian radio gave her the opportunity to get back into shape after she had not exercised that much for several years due to work and raising children. Since then she has been running regularly two or three times a week. But this year geli had problems to get out of the winter. "This was mainly due to the long rainy season in february and march." huttmann's course came at just the right time for her, and she has not regretted taking part: "i really enjoyed the training, i learned a lot, for example how to run correctly according to the pulse. The group was very nice, and it has always been fun." she is confident for the half marathon on sunday, after she has already completed a similar long distance: "that's what i needed for my head, so i know i can run it."

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