Huawei founder: “usa can’t destroy us”

Huawei founder:

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer huawei does not see itself in danger from the boycott calls from the U.S. "It"s not going to happen that the u.S. Is going to destroy us, said group founder ren zhengfei in a TV interview with the BBC.

"The world can't turn its back on us because we are more advanced," said huawei president. Even if the u.S. Succeeds in convincing more countries not to use huawei for the time being, his company can "always scale back the business a little bit".

Ren received support from the head of the huawei competitor ericsson. Borje ekholm told the "financial times" that he sees the current debate about restrictions on the chinese network supplier as a threat to the expansion of 5G networks in europe. "We risk focusing on just one issue. All our customers are trying to understand what this means – and that creates uncertainty".

Ren, in his BBC interview, questioned the economic power in the current dispute: "when the lights go out in the west, the east will still be shining. And when the north goes dark, there's always the south. America does not represent the world. America represents only part of the world."

Most recently, U.S. Vice president mike pence spoke of a threat from huawei and other chinese telecommunications companies at the munich security conference on saturday.

Chinese law requires them to give the security apparatus in beijing access to all data concerning the network or the devices. "We need to protect our critical telecom infrastructure," pence said. And the U.S. Called on all partners to be vigilant and reject any venture that could threaten the integrity of communications technology, the vice president said.

In the BBC interview, ren made it clear that huawei's course would not be softened even by the arrest of its daughter meng wanzhou. The chief financial officer of huawei was on 1. December arrested in vancouver at the request of the u.S. U.S. Justice department accuses manager of maintaining illegal business ties to iran, evading U.S. Trade sanctions. Also accused of involvement in attempted theft of trade secrets. Ren rejected the accusations made by the USA against his daughter and spoke of "politically motivated actions" that were unacceptable.

The head of huawei's competitor ericsson sees the current debate as a threat to the rapid rollout of 5G networks in europe. "All our customers are trying to understand what this means – and that creates uncertainty," borje ekholm told the "financial times". At the same time, the debate pushed important issues like far-reaching regulation and the high cost of mobile spectrum into the background. The debate could increase costs for network operators and users, jeopardize today's LTE networks and delay the launch of superfast 5G data communications "for years," the network operators' industry association GSMA warned a few days ago.

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