Johann eigl likes to be on the move

Johann eigl likes to be on the move

Coburg resident johann eigl celebrated his 90th birthday last sunday. Birthday. The man celebrating his jubilee worked for many decades as a sanitary fitter at coburg housing company. "I got along well with the people!", eigl emphasized when mayor norbert tessmer visited him to congratulate him. Eigl added that the work had given him a lot of pleasure. Even today, he is occasionally asked about his activities at wohnbau.

Karina brockert, the lifeguard of his son hans-peter eigl, said: "he still does everything. He cooks and he does the laundry." the birthday celebrant smiled at these words and emphasized: "I am very satisfied. I am glad that I managed to do it this way. As long as my head still cooperates like this, it's good. I had not thought before that I would become so old." hans-peter eigl said that his father had someone to help him from time to time.

Johann eigl was born in iglau in mahren on the border with bohemia in what is now the czech republic. He grew up in this silver mining town until his family was expropriated and driven away. There was johann in his 14. Year of life. "We had to leave our house within 20 minutes", eigl recalled. As a boy, he had to help transport the horses to prague. Since he did not speak russian, he communicated with his companions by hand and foot. "We somehow managed to do that. They even gave me a pair of shoes because mine were so broken", he said. "We came to coburg on a transport via furth. We arrived first in creidlitz", he told the coburg mayor. That was in 1954.

Then it was time for the young man to start looking for an apprenticeship. That was not so easy. Eventually, he found an apprenticeship at the coburg company meixner, even though the head of the company had already hired an apprentice. In memory of it eigl must smile again. "But they were glad to take me on, because the other apprentice had to give up his training after 14 days."

He met his future wife gertrud through a friend of hers. Gertrud and johann quickly became friends, and it was clear that they wanted to live together. In 1956, the wedding bells rang for the two of them.

Until the year 2011 they were allowed to enjoy their married life and to shape their life together. "We got along well right away. She was a good cook and a good housekeeper", the jubilarian emphasized. "My wife also knew how to economize." they had their son hans-peter. Since 1982 johann eigl lives in webergasse, since 2011 alone and independently. "I had a screwing garden. We were 26 partners and helped each other", he continued. It was important for him to remain active at all times. When he woke up at night, he did gymnastics and could then go back to sleep for a few hours. He does this body workout every day if he can. "You can't let yourself go. You have to do something. Sitting around watching TV all day is not an option."

In addition to friendly conversations with his neighbors, the agile retiree likes visits to his regular cafe. The mayor of coburg not only brought a congratulatory letter and a colorful birthday bouquet, but also advised the jubilarian to write down the story of his life. This must be preserved for posterity, said Tessmer.

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