Jubilation among the young list: the habberge district gets the yellow garbage can

Jubilation among the young list: the habberge district gets the yellow garbage can

Pre-sorting trash and taking it to the recycling center is no longer possible as of 1 january 2009. January 2020 passe: the district habberge converts from a bring on a collection system for light packagings. This means: the yellow garbage can is coming. This was decided yesterday by the habberge district council. There will be no referendum.

The five-member faction of the young list (JL) has thus turned the tide: at first, the politicians were pretty much alone in the most powerful body in the district, which has a total of 60 members. Their demand for the yellow garbage can regularly went unheeded, the existing collection system had become dear to most rates – this did not change yesterday either. However, enough politicians were willing to compromise: if the recycling centers were retained, it was possible to imagine supporting the yellow garbage can, communicated the CSU, FDP and free democratic party factions (although there were some dissenters within the CSU and some within the faction).

Roll call vote

SPD, grune and odp, on the other hand, spoke almost unanimously in favor of not introducing the yellow garbage can by district council resolution, but rather to make this decision on 24 september. Marz to be left to the voters in a referendum. Only stephan schneider of the SPD supported the changeover to a collection system without a referendum, as did sabine schmidt of the left-wing party. In the final roll call vote (all district council members were called individually), 33 district council members voted in favor of the direct introduction of the yellow garbage can and 22 against it – this means that the referendum demanded by a citizens' initiative is no longer necessary.

But how did the district council change its mind?? The young list had played a decisive trump card weeks earlier. She was also active outside the district council and was involved, among other things, in the founding of the citizens' initiative "pro gelbe tonne im landkreis habberge" (pro yellow garbage can in the district of habberge) involved. This had collected from august to october of this year over 10000 signatures and handed over to the landrat wilhelm schneider. This was easily enough for a referendum (8709 votes were valid, 4150 needed), so it was clear that it would come to a referendum. But of course, the county council itself complies with the citizens' petition and introduces the garbage can on its own initiative – which it did yesterday.

Objectively argued

The whole thing was not without controversy, however, all factions were anxious not to let emotions boil up, but to argue objectively. The SPD had also requested that the citizen should vote on the introduction of the yellow garbage can solely by means of the referendum and that a "factual presentation and information for all households should be prepared and distributed" in the run-up to the decision but in the end the compromise proposed by district administrator wilhelm schneider was put to the vote: "the district of habberge will take over the citizens' petition and discontinue the collection system that has existed in the district of habberge up to now (…) to 1. January 2020 to a collection system – yellow garbage cans." the resolution also states that the recycling center system "also applies to lightweight packaging", but without sorting, but only for mixed delivery is continued. This means that in the future there will be coarse yellow garbage cans at the recycling centers, which will also be emptied by the refuse collection service.

6.50 euros more per year

And: the opening hours of the 26 recycling centers will be reduced from 159 to 121 per week (the number has been corrected from 124 to 121) and "in communities with up to 5,000 inhabitants, there will be a changeover to so-called sole work by the recycling center supervisors. The cost of this will be compensated by higher tolls." these mull fees amount to 6.50 euros per year and household. As wilfried neubauer, head of the waste management company, explained, this fee increase serves to maintain the recycling center system, the yellow garbage can costs nothing, nor does its emptying (already paid for through the retail price of the packaged products). That means: if you don't apply for the yellow garbage can and take your lightweight packaging to the recycling center, you still pay the additional 6.50 euros a year.

The debate and the vote ultimately ended with a laugh – after the end of the roll-call vote, landrat schneider asked: "have all who are present been called upon?" some county councillors then shouted at him that he himself had not yet been called up. "Oh yes, myself", said the district administrator and laughed. After proposing the combination system himself, his vote was clear, the 33. Supporters found in the committee and the debate ended.

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