Jump for jump more spab

Jump for jump more spab

In front of the former gates of the city, outside the fortress of forchheim, one sees today at most a few rabbits hopping in well-kept parks along the remaining city wall. However, the long-eared children are currently facing competition from short-eared humans, as there will be an open house for children until the 2nd of july. September the forchheimer hupfburgen-festival takes place.

Four-year-old bruno and his two-year-old sister frieda from heroldsbach are thrilled to bits with the stately knight’s castle. They jump and bounce tirelessly, until the enviously watching dad makes them "ninja free fall, the five meter high jumping tower beckons. There, summoning up all his courage, he shows his two astonished companions where the hammer hangs. The daddy plays the stuntman so that his two little ones’ mouths are wide open.

Something for everyone

Leonie from hallerndorf, 13 years old, was in a fight with the "bungee run" surprised at the effort needed to move one of the hats placed there. Provided with a belly belt attached to a rubber band, she only manages to reach the hats, which seem to be miles away, and push them a few centimeters further, at least with her fingertips, using all the strength she has accumulated in 13 years.

Stefanie rosa came with her two children, three-year-old daughter sophie and her five-year-old son leopold. Sophia has the "aqua zorbing" air ball to the favorit auserwahlt and liked it best to take home.

Her brother leopold likes everything, and he can’t get enough of it. Mother stefanie, however, thinks that the offer for toddlers could be expanded a bit more.

Little ella from heroldsbach, three years old, is particularly taken with the inflated rubber animals at the entrance to the climbing wall, while her brother ben can no longer be moved away from the go-carts.

For families

Father sven looks at the whole thing with pride, while ella’s mom is always being ordered to the air-filled climbing garden animals. All four have spab and find only praising words for the offered game variations.

Until the 2. September at the hupfburgen-festival everyone can still splash water or jump and bounce until the soles are glowing.

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