Marco koch demanded: last em-chance for breaststroke swimmer

Marco koch demanded: last em-chance for breaststroke swimmer

32 swimmers have so far been nominated by the german swimming federation for the european championships. One of the most successful athletes of recent years is not yet in the line-up: marco koch.

The 28-year-old from darmstadt still has a chance to compete with the european swimming elite in glasgow at the beginning of august. For this he must convince on saturday at the german championships in berlin on his special course over 200 meters chest.

OUTPUT POSITION: to make the squad again, koch should swim a time of about 2:08.5 minutes. "With that, he could show up in the top five in europe and have a chance to be in a final and compete for the medals," said head coach henning lambertz. "Physically, he’s got it down pat, now he has to put it into practice mentally, and he can do that. That’s why I am confident."

Restraint: koch himself held back from announcing a fight before the title matches in the german capital. On his facebook page on friday, he wrote to his fans: "thank you for your support throughout the year!"

PROMINENT SUPPORT: world record holder paul biedermann would take koch to the european championships in any case. "For me, it was clear that he would be there," said the 31-year-old, who ended his career after the 2016 olympics in rio de janeiro. "I don’t find the discussion understandable whether marco koch is going to the european championships or not. He has often won medals for the german swimming federation and in the end ensured a positive result."

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