More “social city” for the inner city


When the city of coburg receives urban development funding, it usually comes from one of these three pots: urban monument protection (which applies to the redevelopment areas in the old town), social city (for wustenahorn) and urban redevelopment west (for the guterbahnhof).
The best-equipped program is now "social city", explained katrin hartmann-schmidt from the city planning office at the city council meeting on thursday. That's why the city's inner-city redevelopment areas should now be included in this program, too. In part, the rehabilitation goals are already formulated to fit this demand program. What is still missing, however, is a socially relevant, integrated action plan and the exact area to which this action plan is to apply.
The action plan should describe, among other things, how housing and supply options in the area are to be improved, how the diversity of uses is to be increased, where green and open spaces are to be created, and how accessibility can be improved. The city council had to create the conditions for this: it defined the area to be investigated and instructed the administration to look for a specialist office to draw up the concept for action. The study area is – roughly speaking – bounded by the itz in the west. In the east, the boundary runs along the avenue up to the former DSZ. The further course snakes in the south to the casimir- and the schutzenstrabe. However, the area of application could still change in the course of the concept development, explained katrin hartmann-schmidt.

Making lohgraben more gentle

Irrespective of this, the redevelopment area steinwegvorstadt is to be continued, specifically with the design of lohgraben, schenkgasse, gerbergasse and part of hindenburgstrabe. Wohnbau stadt coburg has been commissioned to put out to tender an ideas and implementation competition for the area around the post office and past the post office parking garage to the burglab.
It took a good six months for all questions about the competition to be clarified, explained ullrich pfuhlmann, technical director of wohnbau. The aim is to obtain designs for the layout of the street spaces. The result of the competition will be available in april/may 2019 at the earliest.
The only exception is a part of schenkgasse, namely the open space next to the post office parking garage. This could either be for a parking garage extension or for a hostel, explained pfuhlmann. In order not to block anything, this area was taken out of the competition area.
The post office area is also not included. Regiomed wants to build a senior center here. However, the planning for this is to be carried out independently of the planning for the surrounding area. Klaus klumpers (odp) therefore voted against the designated area for the design competition.

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