New national gallery: “mies van der rohe in pure form”

new national gallery: 'mies van der rohe in pure form'

The building is considered an icon and landmark of modern architecture. The architect ludwig mies van der rohe (1886-1969) created the huge flat steel building with gigantic glass fronts at the end of the 1960s as a museum for 20th century art. Century. After a good five years of renovation, the new national gallery in berlin is about to return to cultural life.

"It will be mies van der rohe in its purest form," the president of the foundation preubischer kulturbesitz, hermann parzinger, told the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. "The national gallery is a wonderful building, which we will regain with the renovation. The glass temple can already be seen rising from the sky."

It is a challenge for architects today to put aside their own handwriting when dealing with this jewel. "David chipperfield and his team manage to realize not themselves, but through mies," said parzinger. British architect chipperfield, who most recently designed the james simon gallery on museum island in berlin for the foundation, is responsible for the work, which cost around 140 million euros.

"But there have been some barely visible changes that make the building better equipped to meet today’s needs. But that will take place in the basement and essentially in the non-public areas," said parzinger. "We will be on 29. April will have the closing ceremony with open days – if the pandemic conditions allow it."In august the first exhibition is planned with works of the american artist alexander calder (1898-1976).

By then, the national gallery will also have other line structures. "We have too many hierarchical levels," said parzinger, explaining a first consequence of the analysis of the foundation and its state museums in berlin, whose 15 collections with 4.7 million objects are presented at 19 locations. A curator has so far had a museum management, the director of the national gallery, the general director of the state museums "and somewhere then the president of the foundation" above him. That is too much.

In the national gallery there will be in the future a directorate for each of the 19., 20. And 21. Giving the 21st century. "The corresponding positions are advertised internationally. The association of the national gallery as such is not in question, but we are eliminating a hierarchical level and strengthening the autonomy of the houses."

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