Of airships and airlocks

Of airships and airlocks

Airmen and airlockers – the motto of the fourth edition of the literary event series "wordgames (17. February to 24. Marz), jean paul, who would have been 250 years old this year, had probably had his fun. "He was a dreamer and fantastic", the literary critic marcel reich-ranicki described the famous upper frankonia native. As in jean paul's payment of "the airshipman giannozzo's book of the sea" (9) artists are "very often set apart from reality" (9), confirms ingo cesaro. "The aeronaut is on the move and observes the world from above."

Cesaro, who is best known for his haikus and is not averse to fantasy, describes himself as an aerialist. "Whenever someone asked me what I was, I didn't say author, but airman and vagabond." but he did not have jean paul in mind.

Water and air
One thing ingo cesaro emphasizes when he talks about jean-paul is that "he walked a lot, but he never went to the sea"." cesaro therefore wonders what would have become of jean paul's lyrics if he had seen the sea.
The water and the air are elements that can also be found in the events that he has chosen for this year's "word games" organizes. For example the "fischgesange (9. Marz in the synagogue in kronach), an exhibition of etchings by caspar walter rauh, who died in kulmbach in 1983. "Fish are a major topic of his", says cesaro, who has known the artist personally. Horst lohse, caspar walter rauh's son-in-law, will present the settings of some of cesaro's poems that day.

Another highlight for ingo cesaro is the german premiere of his book "heart of a bird". In his haikus he deals with flying. Including the life of karl illner, a pioneer aviator who made the first overland flight in austria in 1910. For ingo cesaro but even more charming is the vita of the austrian fritz schoffmann, who also wanted to take to the skies. However, his dream did not come true and he died completely impoverished. The special thing about the event: in keeping with the theme, cesaro loves to fly at the glider landing field at kreuzberg in marktrodach (19. Marz) and at the kulmbach airfield (21. Marz).

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