Pax christi promotes peace and nonviolence in the pilgrimage museum gobweinstein

Pax christi promotes peace and nonviolence in the pilgrimage museum gobweinstein

"Our aim is to make nonviolence known as a politically effective force", said joachim schneider during the open house of the pilgrimage museum gobweinstein on the occasion of the international museum day. Schneider is, together with susanne grobmann, one of the two presidents of the catholic peace movement pax christi of the bamberg diocesan association.

The two lectures schneider gave on nonviolent communication and nonviolent resistance to nuclear weapons, however, met with very little interest. The "paint for peace" campaign, on the other hand, was somewhat better received, including by some gobweinsteiners, which was offered throughout the day.

But more important for schneider and grobmann was the presence with their "peace booth" in front of the pilgrimage museum, which was very well attended on this day, to make known the activities and aims of the international catholic peace movement pax christi. Some people stopped at the stand, showed interest in the work of this organization, talked to each other and some took information material with them.

In the diocese of bamberg, pax christi has just over 100 members. Worldwide there are about 5000 who advocate how to overcome conflict situations through nonviolence in order to restore human dignity and peace.

This is also to get into the public with media-effective actions of the so-called civil disobedience. One spectacular example was when susanne grobmann and six of her comrades-in-arms forced their way through a hole in the fence onto the runway of the nuclear weapons storage facility in buchel, where they unfurled a protest banner against nuclear weapons. "20 nuclear weapons of the u.S. Army are stored in the middle of germany, and every day federal soldiers train with tornados to drop these nuclear weapons", claimed schneider. The occupation of the runway not only prevented tornadoes from taking off, but also brought this issue into the public eye.

Grobmann also took the risk of being arrested for trespassing with the occupation action. The judge's verdict: 30 days' imprisonment. Grobmann has meanwhile appealed against this verdict. But this alone brings the whole thing back into the public eye.

Joachim Schneider emphasized: "for me as a christian, it is a great concern to contribute to non-violence and to stand up for peace."

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