Red wall wants to know again

Traditions, especially when they are accompanied by positive memories, should be cherished, as is well known! Already for the fifth time – before "bamback" – federico perego, "bamore", "brovissimo and "bambeat – a play-off slogan was called into post-season basketball life at the reigning cup champion. The home of the nine-time german champion is now considered a "freak zone"!

The brose bamberg community posed for the kick-off group photo at the lower muhlbrucke, just a stone’s throw away from the old town hall. Six days before the first appearance in vechta, there were traces of anticipation and rough confidence – despite starting the season in fifth place in the standings.

At the "basketball capital," hall announcer matthias steger the fans as "freaks informative and very relaxed, he went into the "strenuous season with many ups and downs" as moderator a.

"A whole region stands behind our team. Expectations are high, even though it’s been a miracle season so far. The mood will be even better after a 3-0 win against vechta and then we’ll look forward to FC bayern. Wins against the munich team are especially sub", said mayor andreas stark (SPD), who was naturally also pleased with the large number of "red" entries in the city at play-off time rejoiced, only so with optimism.

Dangerous opponent

It’s in the nature of things that the head coach has been a little more cautious in his comments. "I can of course promise nothing. We got back on track after the games in antwerp, we are ready to compete with a lot of energy. I have always believed in my players, even in difficult phases; they work hard and stand together as a team. We know what to do!", according to federico perego, who takes his quarterfinal opponents rasta vechta anything but lightly despite their injury woes. "They have a lot of confidence, play aggressively and attack strongly. We have to be very careful in the defense. Vechta is dangerous!"

After a good four months as managing director, arne dirks considers himself to have "arrived" and enthused about the "unbelievable atmosphere" in the brose arena. "Everything has actually been confirmed as I imagined freak city to be. Even though vechta has incredible intensity and is like the cinderella story this year, i think we have a good chance to advance!" after his "glucksanzug after the championsleague final four didn’t work out, dirks isn’t sure he’ll carry it in the playoffs.

Speaking of antwerp. "We left the legacy there in belgium. Now the cards are reshuffled. With a lot of momentum, we want to tackle the next success. The season is far from over for us. We are still involved!", affirms norbert sieben, who as president also has the semifinal against the defending champions FC bavaria in mind.

Even though it’s been more than a decade since bamberg started the playoffs without a home-game advantage, the natural tension is outweighed by a rough portion of optimism that the hurdle of vechta, which should not be underestimated, will be jumped and then the "all-or-nothing"-games against FC bayern "freak city will electrify. One thing is certain: not only cup matches but also play-off matches have their own laws!

Will it come to a summit meeting?

The "freak zone will unfold at the latest with the first play-off home game next wednesday and then expand further when it comes to the summit meeting with the munich team. Bamberg’s old town has been glowing red since thursday, the 2019 slogan is in place, now the basketball truth is on the floor! What’s in the "miracle mare brose bamberg still? What trump cards can perego and co. Play?. Still playing out?

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