Renovation of the club wing proceeds successfully

Renovation of the club wing proceeds successfully

The partial renovation of the club wing at the gaustadt sports center is on schedule and on budget. The various works in the gymnastics room, which were coordinated by the real estate management of the city of bamberg, have already been completed. Mayor andreas starke (SPD) and financial officer bertram felix now visited the site together with traudl rauh, head of the department of the volkshochschule bamberg stadt, to get an idea of the current state of affairs. Starke in the press release from the city hall: "the gaustadt sports center is necessary and a gain for the entire burg community."
Werner kuhhorn, head of real estate management, explained the extensive renovation work: the previous hardwood floor was removed and replaced by a point-elastic, joint-friendly sports floor with a corresponding substructure. To improve the air quality, a humidity-controlled air conditioning system with heat recovery was installed, and the faulty heating pipes were all insulated and covered.
In addition, the ceiling was suspended and covered, the room shell was reworked and designed to match the new color concept. Last but not least, new LED lighting will ensure brightness.

VHS shows interest

"Our VHS is very interested in bringing its diverse offerings even more strongly to the city's neighborhoods", says VHS director anna scherbaum. Head of department rauh was impressed by the structural implementation. The VHS is considering using the gymnasium. The total cost for the renovation of the club wing – sanitary facilities, changing rooms and gymnasium – amounts to approximately 350,000 euros gross. Finance officer felix informed about the latest decision of the finance senate, according to which almost one million euro will be made available. In 2019, the roof, facade and windows are to be renewed and the public toilet facilities renovated and made barrier-free.

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