Spd warns against g8 rush to judgment

Spd warns against g8 rush to judgment

Immediately before a second summit meeting in the state chancellery on the future of the eight-year high school, the state parliamentary SPD warns against a quick fix and calls for a moratorium. "What has been planned so far in terms of improvements for the eight-year high school misses the real problems by a long way", SPD education politician martin gull, chairman of the education committee in the state parliament, criticized the league on monday. The SPD therefore called on minister-president horst seehofer (CSU) to ensure that the roundtable did not make any final decisions.

The second G8 summit was scheduled to begin this afternoon at the state chancellery. Seehofer hopes to pacify the long-running dispute over the G8. Gull criticized lack of involvement of experts, parents, teachers and opposition: "seehofer’s circle of experts lacks educational researchers, other parents’ and teachers’ associations and, above all, the very ordinary teachers who do the day-to-day work."

At the first G8 meeting two weeks ago, among other things, a reduction of the curriculum had been agreed upon. However, according to the bavarian philologists’ association, it has not been clarified how the planned voluntary additional year at the eight-year gymnasium is to be implemented. "Questions remain unanswered", said max schmidt, chairman of the bavarian philologists’ association. "What resources will be used to do this, who will pay for it all??" ludwig spaenle (CSU), minister of education, wants to use the voluntary additional year to give students the option of attending the gymnasium for nine years instead of eight. There is to be no return to the G9, however.

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