Sports center for litzendorf ?

Sports center for litzendorf ?

Werner hochstetter the positive development of litzendorf has a name: edith obrusnik. The urban planner and architect uses the slogan "lively litzendorf" to describe the "revitalization" of the town numerous large and small projects. These include showcase projects such as the design of the kerwaplatz on the "tanzwiesen", revitalization of the former brewery winkler in melkendorf or the square design of the building area "aufseesianische wiesen. In obrusnik’s opinion, there is still room for improvement, after a lot had fallen by the wayside in the past few months due to the corona crisis.

Falkenberg: learning from the winners

The architect presented an impressive example from the upper palatinate region to show how even seemingly unfulfillable wishes can be realized. There, the municipality of falkenberg acquired a dilapidated castle, which had been eyed by right-wing organizations. Thanks to a rude public demand, the burghers there spared neither cost nor effort to turn an obvious "pay-as-you-go" project into a reality to make a success story. Assuming similar enthusiasm, obrusnik could also imagine something like this for the former brewery winkler and the carwaplatz "tanzwiesen" in litzendorf imagine.

According to the architect, this could be done by tapping into funds from the investment pact for sports facilities, provided that the building is used for sports such as yoga, calisthenics, pilates or a bouldering wall. There is a lot to be learned from the upper palatinate region. A "forderverein" is also a possible variant with a view to cost-covering operation. Demand means love when there is added value for "generations, climate, sport and insects" in the game, obrusnik said.

Second mayor klemens wolfel (SPD) pointed out that there could be problems with the residents if too many sports were offered. He had a "headache, because it had already been a problem to bring the karwa into the village. Obrusnik countered the objection that the trend toward integrating exercise facilities in the center of the village is unstoppable – as can be seen from the 90 percent demand rate for sports facilities, since they serve social integration. The contract with the town planner, who works 10 hours a week for the municipality, was unanimously extended by one year.

Eight new building sites

There were satisfied faces in the audience, despite what at first glance appeared to be a rather niche topic such as the "development of a plot of land in the lohndorf area". According to the unanimous decision, at least eight building sites are to be built on a private plot of land. The town council was unanimous in its decision not to give speculators a chance , to link the granting of land to a building obligation with a precise time limit. "The construction must naturally fit into the landscape", said mayor wolfgang mohrlein (CSU). So one could hold young families at the place.

Kindergarten heating

How should the contribution to the heating system of the church-run kindergarten st. Wenzelslaus look?The domberg "expects 50 percent , said mohrlein. With a total sum of 27,000 euros, the council unanimously agreed on 13,500 euros. The new development area on the aufseesian meadows is to be located "am ellerbach" heiben. The dedication follows a resident’s suggestion.

Heated debate over one item

Finally, there was a heated debate about the appointment of the agenda 21 coordinator. The post, formerly held by current grunen faction chairman georg lunz, has been vacant since 2017. It was awarded to matthias deuber (CSU) by a vote of 12:7, which provoked strong criticism. Lunz, who ran as an opposing candidate in the recent mayoral election, accused the groko of "occupying the posts among yourselves". We are pushed before the head". There had also been no conversation, which was "not cool" be. They, the greens, had already set out after the united nations climate conference in rio in 1992 to implement the resolutions at the local level. The CSU had not even had the topic on the agenda in may.

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