Statisticians: toilet paper sales plummet

Statisticians: toilet paper sales plummet

The sale of toilet paper has dropped dramatically in the past week. For the first time since the beginning of the corona crisis, it was below the average of the previous six months, according to the federal statistical office.

Almost a third less toilet paper than normal had been sold. By way of comparison: in the previous week, sales were still around 50 percent above the six-month average.

Overall, the sales figures for food and hygiene products examined in the special evaluation of the corona crisis were largely sluggish in the last week of march compared to the rush of buyers in the first weeks of march, according to the statisticians. The quantities sold of pasta were only 2 percent and of rice 12 percent above the average of the past six months.

However, demand for some products remained high. Soap continued to be bought more than twice as often as usual. However, demand here at the beginning of march was at times even four times higher than normal. Sales of disinfectants bucked the trend again last week – to more than triple the normal volume.

According to the german federal statistical office, demand continues to fluctuate strongly from week to week. "On the one hand, a saturation of demand was slowly allowed to set in, on the other hand, this could be due to a short-term lack of supply in a commodity segment," the statisticians explained. They relied on an analysis of digitally available cash register data.

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