“Thank you”

"You are doing a great job! Thank you!", tom wrote on his forest picture. Lina has painted a colorful bunch of daffodils, and niklas encourages her with a lot of glittering stones: "if you look out of the window, you’ll see the same sky as i do". That connects us. Have courage!" two thick envelopes with lots of beautiful pictures and great easter crafts arrived by mail at district administrator christian meibner: the pupils of the ivo hennemann elementary school unnersdorf/grundfeld and the elementary school burgkunstadt sent easter greetings, encouragement and a big thank you to the district’s disaster management leadership group (fugk) and on behalf of all those who are working to cope with the corona crisis.

"This is a great idea and we are very happy about it! The fact that our elementary school students have been so kind in cheering us up in these difficult times motivates us even more in our daily work, district administrator christian meibner, who as head of the district office is at the helm of the fugk as disaster control authority, praised the action.

He presented the paintings and handicrafts to the head of the fugk, kristin grosch, and the head of the health department at the district administration office, anja grottker, who received them on behalf of the crisis team. The works are now hung in the rooms of the fugk.

"Dear crisis team, we want to say ‘thank you’ for taking care of us, for making sure the county is well taken care of.", writes the elementary school burgkunstadt.Many butterflies adorn the card of the ivo hennemann elementary school students: "they keep our lives going and make sure that – despite everything – we are doing well. For that we would like to say them today simply once ‘thank you’", write principal gudrun mackert and deputy principal beatrix rost. "I can assure you that you have given us great pleasure with your actions", the county commissioner emphasizes

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