The legacy fulfilled

The legacy fulfilled

For the "highest holiday in the year in the flober town of wallenfels everything was again "polished up brought. Already in the days before the sidewalks were cleaned and the buildings were decorated. The families who designed the altars were particularly challenged. The preparations for this had already been made days before.
This is also the case with hermann zeub, who designs an altar in front of his house every two years. The construction began with the whole family already at four o'clock in the morning.
The many believers, who went through the streets of the city, were accompanied as always by the soldier comradeship with their different units and the drum cortege. Before the start of the church parade, the incumbent mayor and the dignitaries were then picked up.
One of the association's three flags is also on display; it has been carried by jurgen hahn for the past eight years. The former soldier spent eight years in the german army, mainly stationed in bayreuth and ebern. He was also deployed in kosovo and has been a member of the wallenfelser soldatenkameradschaft since his time in the army. First he marched with the infantry, where his father was a platoon leader. When the current captain christopher zeub took over the responsibility and at the same time the old captain retired, he took over the flag. "The whole tradition is close to my heart, I also do it out of pride. My role model in this is my father, who, as the oldest soldier, has already served for 52. For the first time takes part in the procession of corpus christi."
after the "start captain christopher zeub honored long-time active members (see infobox).
After that, the captain already loudly sounded the first command and the church parade started to move. In the church parade, the people walked in step to the church hall, accompanied by the music of the music society. Thomas. There christ, in the form of bread of the holy altar sacrament, was picked up in the monstrance. Father jan poja carried christ in the form of bread during the procession through the stairs.
On the schwedenbrucke the youngest city council member matthias zeitler buried the flag delegation according to old custom. The flags will be crossed and will touch each other. After the procession, the bishop matthias zeitler began to wave the flag of sweden. A legend says that the flag must not get tangled, otherwise there is danger for peace. The young councillor, however, showed himself to be unimpressed even in his second mission and waved the flag sovereignly. Everything went smoothly on the stage, so that the promise was fulfilled again this year.
Afterwards, father jan poja was led with the monstrance by the captain to the schwedenbrucke and there he gave the blessing in all four directions. The ceremony on the bridge ended with the wallenfelser heimatlied, which was written in 1949 by johannes baptist eichhorn.

A source of strength for everyday life

On the square below the town hall a service was celebrated under the open sky. Father jan poja in his speech went into the encounters of the people and the way to jesus christ. The festival with its ecclesiastical as well as civic part should be a source of strength for everyday life. During the service, the deceased pastor alexander brehm, who died a few days ago at the age of 42, was also remembered.
With christ as the bread of life in the middle, the path led along the high road to the last altar and then back to the church. Thomas.
The marine and soldier comradeship as well as the drum cortege, the music association and the local choir will also take part in the parade on sunday. Traditionally, the monstrance is carried through the corridor.

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