William and kate have a baby

william and kate have a baby

The british year ends with a royal bang: duchess kate (30) and her husband prince william of the same age are in joyful expectation. A year and a half after their wedding, the nation’s sweethearts are looking forward to a royal offspring. The child in kate’s womb will one day become king or queen of great britain and northern ireland.

After the diamond jubilee of queen elizabeth II. (86) and the olympic games in london, 2012 has finally become a festive year in the united kingdom.
On the occasion of her silver jubilee in 1977, the queen had received the news that she was to become a grandmother – peter phillips, princess anne’s eldest son, was on the way. 40 years later, the third great-grandchild is on the way. The queen has eight grandchildren.

But there were no gun salutes in london on monday, nor was there a court crier to announce the good news. Everything had to happen much too fast. The queen’s pressmen had just enough time to issue a meager communique expressing the monarch’s raw joy at the news. The couple themselves are said to have only shortly before become certain about the pregnancy.

Kate’s pregnancy seems to be a bit complicated in its early stages. The expectant mother had to be taken to king edward VII hospital because she was suffering from an extreme form of pregnancy nausea. William was with her in the first hours.

Police officers were posted in front of the door of the exclusive hospital. Within a short time, a crowd of cameramen and journalists grew in front of the hospital.
For many observers, the rather rare form of the disease is also the reason why the pregnancy was announced at a very early stage. It is generally believed that kate is not yet over the twelve-week limit that is usually waited for such messages.
Kate is now to stay in the hospital for a few days. There, experts say she will be treated with infusions to compensate for the loss of fluency due to frequent vomiting. She will also have to take care of herself afterwards. Last friday, she went to the field hockey field of her former school and frolicked with children in high-heeled boots.

William and kate’s first child will be third in line to the throne, behind crown prince charles and william. For the first time, the question of whether it is a boy or a girl no longer plays a role in the succession to the throne.

According to the old law, a girl would have become queen only if she did not have a younger brother. However, the governments of the 16 countries where the queen is head of state have agreed on a new arrangement. It has not yet been transposed into british law. Legal experts are currently divided on whether this is necessary at all. If so, it is considered uncontroversial.
Kate and william have been closely scrutinized for months at each of their public appearances – the tabloids wanted to formally announce the pregnancy. During official visits, such as the most recent one to the university town of cambridge, there were always more or less well-intentioned waves with the fence post.

Lastly, william received a self-made romper suit with the inscription "daddy’s little co-pilot" from a fan. His comment is said to have been: "I’ll keep it for a while."

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