Windows from northern hemisphere for high-rise in new york

"The windows that we manufacture are not standard series. We make everything to order, we make custom products", explains peter roth (47), the head of roth gmbh in nordhalben.
What sounds so unspectacular is a thoroughly exciting story. Because the company in northern halben has high-security orders. Currently manufacturing windows for an eight-story un building in new york. The safety precautions are immense. "We have to document everything. Every screw, every dubel we use. Everything is prescribed", peter roth explains and tells us that even profiles, slats and gaps are checked. Because, of course, it has to be ensured that no abhor devices or other prohibited things can be installed in the windows.

"Since 11. September, safety precautions have become even more stringent. This is clearly noticeable for us", says peter roth. And he has the comparison. Because he has been working a lot with american customers for years – always gets high-carat orders as a subcontractor. For example, the company renewed the entrance doors at the warner barracks in bamberg two years ago, and equipped the caserna carlo edlere in vincenza, italy, with pressure-wave retarding elements.

The windows for new york are, despite all the high-carat applications, a real speciality – from the inside, but also from the outside. They are powder-coated and have a kind of mica effect. "We also build special steel parts into these windows. We have never had anything like this before", peter roth shows such a part.

The corners are immensely heavy and have an incredible 35 kilometers of welded seams per piece. Four workers are currently only busy with the windows for new york. But they have to be finished by mid august, says peter roth. Each window weighs 200 kilograms when it is fully installed, thanks to its unique interior. Only about four suppliers can manufacture such windows in all of bavaria, explains roth.

15 employees
Security technology is one of the areas on which the company from nordhalben concentrates, but it also equips public buildings with aluminum windows. And the windows are all made in our own workshop.

The company has 15 employees. A new office building was erected only a year ago. This also has something to do with the fact that the administrative and licensing hurdles are becoming more and more extensive.

"We used to have handmade sketches, nothing else," he says, says senior boss karl roth (72) and tells of how he started out with two employees and a part-time worker in the basement of his house. "The garage in our apartment building was the warehouse", according to karl roth. At that time, the company mainly installed windows for other companies. The opening of the border brought a boom for the company. In finsterwalde, leipzig and chemnitz alone, roth from nordhalben has installed 30,000 windows. Mostly in apartment blocks, mostly plastic windows. "We had 18 employees in 1994, and that's when we built the hall. There we started to produce aluminum windows ourselves", seniorchef roth has recognized the signs of the times. Already two years later the hall was again too small, had to be extended again.

In the meantime, roth gmbh no longer plays a role in the plastic window market. "The plastic windows are available from eastern europe at insane prices, although this is already declining again. But we have specialized in security, fire protection, property protection of classes one to three", according to peter roth.

In the meantime, the windows have to withstand impacts with TNT of up to 100 kilos at a distance of 15 meters. "There's a lot of steel in there, a lot of reinforcements have to be made. We buy the glass too", says roth.

Break-in not tracked
Installation work has become rare. This is how on-site contractors install the windows from nordhalben in new york. Local installers are also working in other american embassies and UN buildings.
But now and then there are also orders in which the assembly is included, where really assemblers are sent from nordhalben into the world. At the US embassy in bratislava, for example, the aluminum facade was installed on site by german fitters.

Since the roth window company built its new office building only a year ago, no major investments are planned for this year – except in machinery.
Peter roth is glad that he has seen virtually no sign of the slump in the construction sector. Acquiring orders, maintaining sales is the motto at the moment. And of course the company roth has also a lot to do with other orders like shopping malls, school renovations, energetic renovations. Last year, for example, the erlangen hospital was retrofitted with turnstiles and fly screens, and a toy store in kronach was equipped with aluminum doors. But the aluminum doors at the school in nordhalben are also made by roth.

"We also make winter gardens, house doors, windows for private use – but always only to order, no standard products", explains peter roth.
The wife of the junior manager, monja roth, naturally helps out: she applies the protective film so that the special paintwork does not suffer any scratches or damage.

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