Wm without italy and holland: heartbreak instead of championship title

Wm without italy and holland: heartbreak instead of championship title

"How could this happen?" a question that arose after the 13. November 2017 was a question that many italians must have asked. The day will probably go down in italian football history. As the date of the disaster, which no one had expected: the fubball world cup 2018 in russia will take place without the four-time title holder. How that could only happen, this question asks itself valentina santiloni also in this week again.

With the world cup in full swing, it's hard to walk through the streets of bamberger: cheers here, flags there, public viewing there. "I feel cheated – as if I had caught the love of my life with another woman", says santiloni. "I am disappointed and sad."

She was already looking forward to seeing the games in bamberg. Santiloni is from rome and has lived in the cathedral city since 2017. "Watching your own team in another country is something special – precisely because you can't be in italy."

she remembers the 2006 world cup well, including the tv interviews with italians celebrating the victory in germany. This special feeling of cohesion is even stronger abroad. "And now: everyone is having fun, getting together – and I'm the only one who feels left out."

Party without italy

"it's like everyone was invited to a party – and you're not allowed in", added luca montalto. Even if the sicilian does not mourn as passionately as his wife valentina, the premature elimination of his team came as a shock to him.

"We've gotten in so many times at the last moment – and even made it to the final", he says, recalling the 1994 world cup. "We may never have been the best, but we were always dangerous and unpredictable, he says. That's why the deprivation is all the more crude. But the italians are by no means saving their jubilation until 2022. Many football fans have decided to support the icelandic team. "Italy's biggest sports newspaper has called for people to give the icelandic team their thumbs up," he says, tells montalto.

"They are likeable, nice – and unpredictable", he says laughing. "The main thing is not germany, says valentina santiloni more directly – and also explains why this is very, very important for the pride of the italians: "we have four world championship titles, germany has four titles – there must not be any imbalance."

jaitze veeman sees it quite differently. The dutchman comes from leeuwarden, but has been living in bamberg for a year and a half. "To be perfectly honest, I've always been a supporter of the german team," says, he says. Really sad that the compatriots were not allowed to run, he is not. The three-time runner-up has not been able to get a ticket for the world cup either – not so tragic, if veeman has his way.

All eyes on germany

"I used to root for the dutch", he says. "But we still had some familiar names on the team then." he thinks of bergkamp or van der sar. In the meantime, he can't even say off the top of his head who will be playing in the national team – but it's a different story with the german squad "I'm really looking forward to experiencing my first world cup in germany, I'm very excited.", he says – hopeful that the german team will go far. "They were allowed to win a little bit", also valentina santiloni gives in. "But not too much."

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